boxing history?

  1. where boxing originated

    Answer by oldguy
    boxing was known at the ancient Greek Olympics. they used bare fists or fists in leather.

  2. I will have braces for 2 years.If I do boxing I will be able to do everything but not sparring.But If I do wrestling for 2 years and then boxing I will be able to spar because after 2 years I will not have braces.

    Help what should I do.

    Answer by STICK AND MOVE
    Wrestle and then Box. If you cant spar until you have your braces off, then you are better off just waiting 2 years and participate in Wrestling during that time. You could do Boxing now, but sparring is a very big part of the sport and if you arent able to do that just yet, you should wait until you are able. Plus, Boxing is a very physically demanding sport, so if you wrestle for 2 years you will fair better in Boxing when you try i,t because youll be in much better shape.

  3. You have 10 boxes and all of it has the same shape, there are 100 coins in each box of 10 gr. that mean you have 1 KG in every box
    But in one of the boxes coins has 9 gr. /one With Net Wight 0.900 KG
    Ho do you find that box using any balance but once? Go to Marketing Campaign related to Totesport :

    The first correct answer will be the best answer

    Answer by gabluesmanxlt
    Number the boxes.

    Take one coin from box 1; two from box 2, three from 3, etc.

    Weigh the whole pile of coins.

    They will weigh less than an even number of 10 grams by a certain unit number. Thats the number of the bad box.