What happens when the x-intercept is on a hole and a vertical asymptote?

  1. The x-intercept is at (3,0) and the hole is at x=3 AND the vertical asymptote is at x=3?

    Answer by mathsmanretired
    This cant happen. If there is a vertical asymptote at x = 3 then this is because the function is undefined at x = 3 so there cant be an x intercept there.

  2. What are the x and yintercepts of the quadratic equation y = (x 1)^2 16? Identify the xintercepts by graphing the quadratic equation.

    Answer by Katia T
    plug in x = 0..thatll tell you the y-intercept…do the vice-versa for the x-intercept.

  3. Doesnt x-plane for desktop require at least 128 MB graphics card, which ipad doesnt have? What does the graphics on the x-plane for ipad look like?

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    Answer by Robert
    x-plane ipad graphics rendering isnt bad. modelling is bad, details is bad, terrain is average. texturing is bad but physics is good. go for desktop

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