what is a bariatric ambulance?

  1. i saw one the other day at the nursing home near my house, and was wondering what they are/ what they are used for/ the difference between them and a normal ambulance.

    please answer all three. THANK U!!!

    Answer by Lori
    Bariatric ambulances are built to accommodate extremely obese patients.

  2. Answer by chauncy
    So you can see it in your rearview
    mirror and get out of the way if lights
    or siren are on.

  3. anyone known what number to call for Ambulance service in Malaysia, i known i can dial 999, but that one is for emergency case, if not in emergency but need ambulance service, where to call?

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    Answer by khek z
    Ambulance Services in Malaysia:

    Besides 999, you can dial:

    Red Crescent Ambulance Tel: 03-42578726
    St John Ambulance Tel: 03-79563040
    Rayamars Ambulance Service: 03-42953030 (HP:012-3833124)
    Puteri Malaysia Ambulance : 03-55695996 (HP:012-3980999)

  4. hi there, we have an ambulance which im tryin to repair and renovate, does anyone k nj ow what the board where the master switch, lights control and sirens control is called? I have been looking everywhere and cant find anything. I was trying to purchase maybe another one for it, just the board itself at least. Tnx

    Answer by ssg/emt
    The ambulance manufacturers buy a stripped chassis from the vehicle maker and then build their own body and wiring for the ambulance portion of the vehicle.

    The switch panel that contains the master switch and all the switches for the emergency lights etc, is custom made by the ambulance manufacturer.

    You would have to get someone to make a new one, or get one from a similar junked ambulance.

  5. Like, say theres a person got hit by a car, and someone calls for an ambulance. How many people get out of the ambulance to help the person who got hit?

    Answer by Trevor